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AKS Summer Program for International Students
by 2-16-2018

This program is composed of various components, such as special lectures on Korea, intensive Korean language course, field trips, excursions, and traditional cultural activities. For those who are interested in the 26th AKS Summer Program for International Students, please read the notification carefully and apply for the program.

=> Program Period
July 9 (Mon) – August 3 (Fri), 2018, 4 weeks

=> Language of the Program
Korean & English
* Except for some English lectures, most of the program will be in Korean. Therefore the participants are recommended to possess basic Korean language skills.

=> Eligibility and Required Documents

1. Eligibility
Undergraduate students of second year or above from universities abroad who are majoring or minoring in Korean Studies and/or those who took Korea related courses from their universities.
*Those who are in graduate school or hold Korean nationality are not eligible for this program.
*For those who took Korea-related courses, the course names should be specified in the transcript.
*If applicant’s university does not offer Korean Studies major or Korea-related courses, Korean language institute certificate can be substituted for university transcript .

2. Required Documents
1) Application Form: Available on our website (
2) All Official University Transcripts
3) “Korean Proficiency Evaluation Sheet” included in the application form (No.7)
4) 1 Letter of Reference
u Letter of reference should be directly sent to from the recommender.
5) (Optional) Score Report for Korean Proficiency Test (TOPIK)
* All documents should be written in Korean or English. If not, translation of the document into
Korean or English should be submitted as well.
* Recommender may use any type of letter form.

=> Application Period
January 8 (Mon) – February 16 (Fri), 2018 24:00
* Applications received after the deadline (Korea Standard Time) will not be considered.
u Application Method
Please combine all of the required documents in 1 pdf file except for the letters of reference and send it to the e-mail address below.
- E-mail Address:
- E-mail Title: Application Documents for the 26th AKS Summer Program for International Students_Name of the Applicant

=> Contacts E-mail:


   Posted : 1/19/2018 || 8:07 PM