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Education is the key. - Mrs. Jackson
11/6/2009 | 1:32 AM

Mrs. Jackson, an outstanding ELL (ESL) teacher, has been teaching in the Massachusetts school systems for over 13 years.

We got to ask her some questions that might help the new and old immigrant parents and students

Q: How long have you been teaching the ELL program and how did you first become an ELL teacher?

A. I'm Italian. My parents could not speak, read, or write English, yet they immigrated to the United States. I was born in America. I decided to teach ELL 13 years ago seeing has how my family struggled through the labor of not being able to speak, read, or write English.

Q: What is your thought on the ideal age for a child to immigrate to a different country?

A: Researchers say that 8 years old is the ideal age for a child to immigrate because a child still retains his or her heritage and language while learning a different language in the country. As always there are exceptions.

Q: What is best tip for the students and parents in learning English?

A: Reading books is the most important step in learning any language.

Q: Are there any differences in how people from different cultures vary in learning the English language?

A: There is no saying that one culture is better at it than another. It all depends on how dedicated the student is in their learning as well as the parents in encouraging their child to learn.

Q: Is there anything a person should prepare before coming to this country? After?

A: Most kids take 7 to 10 years to learn the English language. The kids have to know that education is important for them to succeed in this environment. The reason why the immigrants immigrate did not change over the years. The reasons are still the same. They immigrate for better education, opportunities, and a overall better life.

Q: Have you had any moments that really moved you during your years of teaching?

A: The feeling that I get when the children improve and learn motivates me to come in everyday and teach. I know what the parents have to go through in order to get their family settled into a new and different country. That's also the reason why I teach and what motivates me to teach more.

Q: What tips do you have for first time ELL students?

A: I would tell them that education is important and that education is the key to success.

Q: How long do you plan on teaching ELL?

A: As long as I can walk. I believe I can still teach about 4-5 years more.

by Jihee Kim

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