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Sixth Annual Asian American Commission Dinner
5/19/2012 | 4:28 PM

The Sixth Annual Unity Dinner by the Asian American Comission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was held on May 16th. This dinner celebrated emerging Asian American entrepreneurs. The dinner was held at Boston Universitys Metcalf Hall. The event was coordinated by Executive Dicrector Jason Chou.

President Kay Dong of the Korean American Citizens League of New England attended the dinner to represent the Korean American citizens of the New England area. President Dong is also one of the commissioners for the AAC. Her goal is to represent the Korean American community in a positive way to, not only the rest of the Asian American community, but to the Commonwealth as a whole.

Chairman Paul W. Lee gave the opening word. The honorees included: Joe Chung, managing director and co-founder of Redstar Ventures, Chiang J. Li, CEO and founder of Boston Biomedial Inc., Niraj Shah, CEO and co-founder of Wayfair, Jo Tango, partner and founder of Kepha Partners, and Sushil K. Tuli, CEO and President of Leader Bank.

Dean Nitin Nohria of the Harvard Business School was the keynote speaker. Dean Nohria received the 2012 Outstanding Achievement Award from the commission. He spoke about how Asian Americans are shaping and helping the country grow as a whole.
He stressed that business is an important part of the growth and that he believes the United States will once again come out of the recession and prosper. He stated that one of the most important exports that America has now is the American Dream. “Now other countries can experience the American Dream” he said. He spoke about how the American Dream has shaped him and how it has shaped the United States.

He said that only in America can a poor person become rich and a rich person become poor. He mentioned that this freedom of movement from class to class is strained by the ovarian lottery in many other countries. In these countries, people born into a poor family will remain poor and people born into a rich family will stay rich. He fears that the United States is slowly going into the ovarian lottery and he said in order to stop this we have to maintain the American Dream.

by Writer: Ryan Suh,
Photo : Brian Li

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