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A Sit-down with the Local Political Candidates
10/9/2010 | 2:03 AM

On Wednesday October 6th, we met with a couple local political candidates to discuss their stance on current issues and to listen to what they have to say about themselves.

This forum-like question and answer event was put together by Sun Woo Park and moderated by Michael Flaherty. We had a chance to talk with Nick Collins and Carlos Henriquez who are running for State Representatives, and Matt O'Malley who is running for Boston City Council. Senator Steven Tolman was scheduled to appear at this event, instead his legislative aide Brian Greene came to answer some questions and explain to us some of the Senator's policies.

First to talk with us was Nick Collins, a Boston Latin School graduate. He bested 4 other democrats in his race in order to come this far. His focus is to direct the attention of the government towards schools and businesses so that this economic hardship can be dealt with more effectively.

Nick Collins' policy about business is to create a larger job pool so that many more people can acquire new jobs.
He is focused on developing the water front area and is interested in investing more on white collar jobs. Once he is elected he wishes to make progress in reforming insurance and helping seniors on fixed income and other low income families to better afford their healthcare.

Carlos Henriquez was our second guest. He grew up in Dorchester and was introduced to politics at a young age when his parents were both active in his community.
He said, once he is elected State Representative, he hopes to reduce violence in the streets, better the public school systems, and fix the economic issues with better education for all students.
He believes that by touring each school and creating after school programs and mentoring programs, that we, as a community, could reduce street violence and increase growth in the jobs market.

Carlos Henriquez also firmly believes that the education, jobs, and violence in the streets are all linked together and must be fixed jointly. This is not only to manage the economic issues, but also to improve the quality of life for future generations.

Matt O'Malley was the last to speak at this event. He is also a Boston Latin School graduate. He is a supporter of public education and strongly believes that, if measures are taken, all public schools in Boston can be on par with the Boston Latin School.
He believes in hiring more teachers for a better student to teacher ratio, having longer school days, after school programs to help students, tutoring, and ELL. Once he is elected into the Boston City Council, he wishes to increase funding for the public school system in Boston.

He also believes that education is linked with the economy. He supports the idea of training and teaching inmates in the local prison so that they can contribute to society once they are released. He strongly believes this will reduce the chance they will commit crimes and reduce our tax dollars going into the prisons to support the criminals.

All three candidates told us that they are willing to work with the Korean- American community in order to make Boston and the state of Massachusetts a better place to live.

They all have hopes, that in the future, the Korean-American society will have a stronger voice with the help of their political leadership. All the candidates have shown a great interest not only in helping the general public, but the Korean-American and the large immigrant public as well.

by Ryan Suh

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