Title : English Documentary : James Fields

I have participated in this essay contest for a few years, and I have learned a lot. As a result of this newfound interest and knowledge concerning the island, my family and I traveled to Korea to see its magnificence.
I was not going to enter another contest, for I felt that I have done enough, but this past year I was given a unique opportunity: my sister and I decided to work on a documentary/video in oppose to writing an essay.
This allowed me to go beyond what I have previously undertaken and learned things in a different way.

In doing this, I felt that I connected more with the island and more with the people who devote their spirit to maintain its peace, prosperity, and beauty: The Korean people.

Thank you KCHEFNE and GrapeVineTimes to give me this opportunity. It really is an eye-opening experience.

  Name:    TGT

   Posted : 10/30/2016 || 8:12 PM