Title : English Essay : College.Adult Div.; 3rd Place- Princewill Udom

The story of Dokdo is a deeply moving tale of two countries with distinct, auspicious destinies but with an inextricably interwoven past. Its depiction of the immense potency of memory in forming and shaping identity is a major theme. The collective memory of a people weaves its distinct identity and culture. The island of Dokdo, which inspires the story, is a current, tangible, cultural memorial of past relations between the two neighboring countries of Japan and South Korea. The relations embodied colonial injustices driven by imperial aspirations. Memory, the recollection of events and experiences – positive and negative – plays a crucial role in defining a sense of being.

The story of Dokdo also highlights how the sense of dignity and national pride of millions of people can be easily eroded by violating their rights. Human rights abuses leave deep and persistent psychological and emotional scars on both the individual and nation. Sadly for the persecutor, such abuses hardly grant the relief and gratification sought. Instead, perpetrating such acts portrays a weak and warped conscience as well as a flawed humanity.

Japan and South Korea are two separate countries with distinct identities and destinies.
Notwithstanding the unflattering past, the story of Dokdo presents an invaluable opportunity to both nations to harness their experiences and conceptualize a new paradigm of international relations capable of furthering their respective national interests and shared values.

I am overjoyed to have won the 3rd place prize in this competition. It is truly gratifying to have my essay considered worthy of an award.
This competition illuminated the key dynamics between Japan and South Korea, the underlying currents and the great opportunities available to both countries, despite the unsavoury past.
I thank the organizers and sponsors of the essay competition and congratulate them for the bold effort to educate the international community about Dokdo.
Thank you.

  Name:    TGT

   Posted : 9/15/2017 || 11:12 PM