Title : English Essay : College.Adult Div.; 2nd Place - Lin Yan

This is the 2nd time I have received a great honor awarded by KCHEFNE from writing a research essay about Dokdo. As mentioned last year, I spent most of my childhood fascinating about Korean pop cultures: movies, dramas and musics. I had wished that some day I will be given an opportunity to learn more about this great nation in other aspects.

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the KCHEFNE organization. I personally consider this as my greatest moment in learning about Korean history, collecting useful informations, and presenting it in essay format to make an strong argument regarding my views of Dokdo’s rightful sovereignty and its nation’s history as a whole. Furthermore, writing about Dokdo helped me to gain a better understanding about each nation’s economic well-beings.

Most importantly, the experience helped me to realize that the overall history surrounding the founding of the Korean nation, the warring affairs such as the three-kingdom dynasty, and the territorial disputes with Japan are very much similar to the history of my country of origin-China.

I am truly grateful to all who helped organizing and provideing us the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event! Thank you very much!

  Name:    TGT

   Posted : 9/15/2017 || 11:15 PM