Title : English Essay : High School Div..; 1st Place - Sungho Moon

To hear my name called for the first prize was truly unexpected, as I hadn’t expected to win any accolades.
I have learned so much through this experience. Dokdo may be rock formations too small for the US to put on a map, but studying the history of Dokdo enabled me to realize its significance in Korean modern history and contemporary geopolitics.
As a Korean national, the topic of Dokdo’s sovereignty is important to me. I was grateful to have an opportunity to share my thoughts on what has become a highly controversial topic between South Korea and Japan.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards everybody involved in making this competition a reality.
I hope that more people will continue to research the dispute surrounding the Dokdo islands and disseminate their findings.

  Name:    TGT

   Posted : 9/15/2017 || 11:26 PM