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KACL’s 16th Annual Fundraising Dinner for Political Interns

newspaper update; 4/14/2013

The 16th Annual Fundraising Dinner for Political Interns was held on April 6, 2013 at the Lexington Elks Club. This event was hosted by the Korean-American Citizens League of New England. Boreum Lee was the master of ceremonies for this event.

KACL’s president Kyunghae Kay Lee began the ceremony with a greeting speech. Consul General Kang-Ho Park spoke afterwards and expressed “[his] profound gratitude” towards everyone who helped organized the event and to the people who are going to be the next generation of leaders.

As always the interns from last year gave their reports about their respective interning positions. Crystal Jang from Boston University interned at the Massachusetts Governor’s Office, Ryan T. Kang from Princeton University interned at the U.S. Senator Kerry’s Office, and Eunice Roh from Vassar College also interned at the U.S. Senator Kerry’s Office.

The keynote speech followed shortly after. This year’s Keynote speaker was Sam Yoon who is the President of the Council of Korean Americans. He spoke breifly about how proud he was for the interns’ maturity and their work ethic. He also talked about the future of Korean-Americans and Korea as a whole. He touched on topics such as “what will Korean-Americans do in the future?” and “how will Korean-Americans grow as a minority in a majority group?”

Sam Yoon also explained how the Korean-American community should grow as a whole by banding together much like the Latino community. He explained that the Chinese-American communities are pushing to have some form of representation of their community as a whole by appointing leaders, such as CEOs of companies, of the different communities as a sort of representative who can chime in on issues that each of the communities might be facing. Presentation of Recognition Plaques, dinner, the scholarship presentation, and entertainment followed.

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