[News] Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Now Has Global Play

update; 3/6/2013 || 7:12 AM  
by Ryan Suh  

Starcraft II: Wing of Liberty has now implemented "Global Play" which allows players from different regions to play against each other. Players are excited to face different types of builds from each region. I predict that players who are serious about improving their gameplay will utilize this feature greatly. Players have speculated that the Korean servers may attract more players who will be using the Global Play feature.

"Global Play is now live.

Players can now easily switch between regions via the new “Regions” button on the StarCraft II login screen.
-Your game language and user interface will not change when you change regions.
-Your character profiles and ladder data are unique to each region.
-When your region’s game servers are undergoing maintenance, you may be able to play in a different region that is not down for maintenance.

For more information, please visit our Global Play FAQ on our support site."

Source: www.Battle.net


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